Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Summer Days

 The kids are done with swim team & Cub Club so now they spend their days swimming, eating popcorn & snow cones at Yaya's after being in the pool
 watching movies and Kora loves to play on the iPod now
 going to dentist & well check appointments
 Kora's first time at the dentist ended in her destroying her balloon animal and using her toothbrush in the parking lot...success!
 The kids read everyday and we've been cleaning their toys out and taking them to the Goodwill and Hissyfits. Today we took a break from cleaning to go to PV Pool. The kids had fun on the slide and diving boards. Sure do love having my kiddos home in the summer!

 Kai's first time on the high dive...he went about 50 more times.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekend in the mountains

Brace yourself for a LONG post with a ton of pics. We went to Rainbow Lake and stayed at Lazy Oaks cabins for the Amos family reunion. On the way up the kids watched movies & Koko decided to puke her guts out. Awesome. We stopped at a Basha's in Payson and I had to give her a sink bath. When we finally got to the cabin there were cousins waiting to greet us.

The kids ran straight to the water.

we got unpacked 
and Francis was ready to fish!
The boys took a boat out on the lake
while the little girls fed ducks (see Fran & Kai in the boat)

fishing with cousins

Then Kali, Melanie, Anthony, Kora and Mommy hopped on the boat. It was SO pretty on the water & we saw some beautiful cabins.

fun family time
more fishing, eating lunch and just enjoying the beautiful weather

Uncle Cody and Granddad were fishing too. All the boys were catching was catfish and blue gills. Kai really  wanted to get a trout.

then Kai said that I can't I had to catch a few to show him that  he's wrong

Fran cleaning the fish and Cody playing with playdough with the girls
Horseshoe time

it got a little chilly and sprinkled
then Kora grabbed her Olaf and passed out on the ground
in the evening we had a big family potluck
more cousins stopped by and Kora watched videos of herself on my Mom's iphone

playing games with cousins
Granddad and Noodle
Kora wanted to play soccer

the girls did crafts inside
Kora and Yaya went for a walk
more fishing
and visiting with cousins
glow sticks and a fire
and s'mores

these kids were exhausted after a long two days of fun
this crazy girl.....was up late
a picture of the remaining cousins (some families left after the first night)
some of the littles did not want to take a pic

saying goodbye

Kora was shooting Daddy on the way home
and cracking herself up
We stopped at Willow Spring Lake outside of Payson and Kai finally got his trout! It started pouring rain so we headed home for our trout dinner. It was a great weekend.